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Fine Art Imaging studio has started in 2011 in Prague. The founders Flavia and Razvan have proposed to become allies of visual artists in search of a printing solution designed to meet high quality standards and to faithfully render the beauty of their works.


Using the best available technology, according to the

International Color Consortium, standards, the two help photographers, graphic artists and painters from around the world to discover the qualities and benefits of giclée techniques.


In 2013, Flavia and Razvan moved to Montreal, and the opening of the new Fine Art Imaging studio there was a natural step given the size of the North American community of artists.


In 2016, Flavia and Razvan returned to Romania, where the Fine Art Imaging story continues.

Each reproduction comes with its own Authenticity Certificate, issued by the Brukenthal Museum and identified by a hologram serial number.

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Fine Art Imaging and Brukenthal

The collaboration between Fine Art Imaging and the Brukenthal National Museum in Sibiu began in 2013, from the desire to publish the Romanian and European cultural values and to transform classical art into works accessible to the general public. Thus, through the GaleriaMea collection, those passionate now have the opportunity to buy reproductions with a very high degree of fidelity.


The process of executing giclée's is extremely thorough, and each stage of the workflow has its role and must be respected with scrupulousness, for the result to be truly worthy of the original.

Everything begins at the Brukenthal Museum premises, where artwork is digitalised using high-resolution equipment to capture every trace of brush, crossings and chromatic gamut. The angles are well studied, and nothing happens randomly. The procedure takes place under specific conditions of controlled light.


Then at Fine Art Imaging Studio, Flavia creates the perfect digital file, paying attention to colors, details in respect to the original artwork. Subsequently, giclée reproductions are printed on Hahnemühle paper or canvas and treated with UV protection varnish, guaranteeing that each work retains its appearance for a minimum of 70 years.

Exhibition IN THE MIRROR

At the end of 2013 the exhibition "In The Mirror" was hosted for a few months by the Brukenthal National Museum, within the Romanian Art Gallery.  During this event, the giclée replicas were exhibited next to the original artwork by well-known painters, such as Nicolae Grigorescu, Stefan Luchian, Nicolae Tonitza and Misu Popp, and raised the enthusiasm of visitors who were always surprised by the striking resemblance.

The success of the exhibition and the interest of the public helped to consolidate the partnership between Fine Art Imaging and Brukenthal National Museum, leading toward the expanding the MyGallery reproduction portfolio.



Our paintings are carefully packaged for the transportation to make sure that will reach the destination in optimal conditions.

Moreover, for your convenience,  payment is made at the delivery, after the reception of the parcel. 

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