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The paintings look spectacular. At first glance, you don't even realize they are printed because they reproduce the brush details so well. I'm very happy that I discovered MyRomanianArt, and I will definitely buy more in the future.

Ioana Popescu

I bought a reproduction by Nicolae Grigorescu for my home, and once I displayed it on the living room wall, I fell in love with it. It's a wonderful accent that adds charm to the room. My next purchase will be a Tonitza.

Vlad Dascalu

Initially, I was skeptical because I had never purchased any MyRomanianArt pieces before and didn't know what to expect. What convinced me was the option of cash on delivery, which gave me the confidence to place my first order, and from there, becoming a loyal customer was just a step away!

Alin Apostolache

I've always wanted to decorate my apartment with classic accents that remind me of my grandparents' home. With Flavia's help, I made the perfect choices and managed to create a charming environment.

Andrei Pavel

I've always wanted to pass on my love for Romanian art to my children. That's why I bought reproductions of works by Misu Popp, Tonitza, and Luchian for our home.

Radu Toader

I purchased a reproduction of Nicolae Grigorescu's work for the boardroom of my office. It's incredible how many people are surprised when they find out that the painting is actually printed, and they always feel the need to touch it to convince themselves.

Mihai Braga

I bought my first MyRomanianArt painting as a gift for my brother. When I received it, I liked it so much that I hung it in the living room to see how it looked. I admit, I haven't taken it down since then, and I've placed another order for him.

Dana Prisecaru

Any space, no matter how minimalist or modern, is enriched by MyRomanianArt paintings. I really love the mix of new and classic that I've created because it's exactly what my home was missing. Thank you, Flavia!

Cristian Popescu

The painting came very well packaged and arrived on time, which pleased me because I had placed the order quite late and needed it for an anniversary. The price is low compared to how it looks and the reactions it has sparked. I recommend it to anyone.

Oana Pantiru

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